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English word photosynthetron comes from English photosynthesis, English -tron

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photosynthesis English (eng) (biology) Any process by which plants and other photoautotrophs convert light energy into chemical energy,. Also, non-oxygenic photosynthesis, used by purple and green bacteria, heliobacteria, and acidobacteria.. Principally, oxygenic photosynthesis, any process by which plants and algae convert water and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates and waste oxygen using solar energy.
-tron English (eng) Used as a gender-neutral suffix as an alternative to -ter or -tress. Used to name a number of elementary particles. Used to name a number of machine learning algorithms. Used to name a number of particle accelerators. Used to name various electronic devices.
photosynthetron English (eng) A photosynthesis irradiance incubator.

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Quotron alphatron cosmotron crossatron cryotron cyclotron gyrotron ignitron isotron krytron magnetron mellotron microtron minirhizotron orgasmatron plasmatron positron positronic reflectron rhizotron surfatron synchrotron trigatron waitron