phylarchy etymology

English word phylarchy comes from English -archy (Form of government or rule.), English phylo- (Tribes, races or phyla.)

Detailed word origin of phylarchy

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-archy English (eng) Form of government or rule.
phylo- English (eng) Tribes, races or phyla.
phylarchy English (eng) Government by a class or tribe.

Words with the same origin as phylarchy

Descendants of -archy
anthroparchy biarchy cryptarchy demarchy exilarchy hagiarchy hecatarchy heterarchy hydrarchy hyperarchy iatrarchy kritarchy kyriarchal kyriarchy minarchy ochlarchy octarchy paparchy partyarchy patriarchate polyarchic polyarchy squirearchy triarchy
Descendants of phylo-
cophylogeny geophylogeny phylodiversity phylodynamics phylogenetic phylogenomic phylogeny phylogeographer phylogeographic phylogeographical phylogeography phylogroup phylome phylophenomics phylospecies phylotype