phylogeny etymology

English word phylogeny comes from English -geny (Generation. Origin. Production.), English phylo- (Tribes, races or phyla.)

Detailed word origin of phylogeny

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-geny English (eng) Generation. Origin. Production.
phylo- English (eng) Tribes, races or phyla.
phylogeny English (eng) (systematics) The evolutionary history of groups of organisms, such as species or clades.. (systematics, informal) A phylogenetic diagram.. The historical development of a human social or racial group.. The historical development of any thing, idea, etc.

Words with the same origin as phylogeny

Descendants of -geny
amphogeny anthropogeny arrhenogeny biogeny chronogeny cryogeny crystallogeny cytogeny dynamogeny embryogeny epeirogeny geophylogeny homogeny iatrogeny ideogeny lithogeny lysogeny metallogeny monogeny nomogeny phytogeny polygeny thaumatogeny thelygenous zoogeny
Descendants of phylo-
cophylogeny phylarchy phylodiversity phylodynamics phylogenetic phylogenomic phylogeographer phylogeographic phylogeographical phylogeography phylogroup phylome phylophenomics phylospecies phylotype