phylophenomics etymology

English word phylophenomics comes from English phenomics ((genetics) The stude of phenomes.), English phylo- (Tribes, races or phyla.)

Detailed word origin of phylophenomics

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phenomics English (eng) (genetics) The stude of phenomes.
phylo- English (eng) Tribes, races or phyla.
phylophenomics English (eng) (rare) The intersection of the fields of evolution and phenomics, specifically the practice of using phenotypes (e.g. morphology, anatomy, behavior, physiology, etc.) to build phylogenetic trees.

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Descendants of phylo-
cophylogeny geophylogeny phylarchy phylodiversity phylodynamics phylogenetic phylogenomic phylogeny phylogeographer phylogeographic phylogeographical phylogeography phylogroup phylome phylospecies phylotype