physiocrat etymology

English word physiocrat comes from English -crat, English physio- (Nature. Physical.)

Detailed word origin of physiocrat

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-crat English (eng) A participant in a specified form of government.. An advocate of a specified form of government.
physio- English (eng) Nature. Physical.
physiocrate French (fra) Physiocrat.
physiocrat English (eng) (economics, historical) Any of a group of economists in 18th century France who believed that the government should not seek to influence the operation of natural economic laws.

Words with the same origin as physiocrat

Descendants of -crat
Berniecrat Hoovercrat Obamacrat adhocrat cosmocrat cosmocrator espiocrat ethnocrat globocrat gynocrat logocrat mediacrat monocrat phallocrat plutocrat quangocrat rheocrat securocrat thalassocrat theocrat virtuecrat
Descendants of physio-
physical therapist physiobiological physiochemical physiochemist physiogeny physiogony physiographic physiography physiolatry physiome physiomechanical physiomedical physiopathogenic physiopathological physiopathologist physiopathology physiophilosophy physiosemeiosis physiosophy physiotemporal physiotherapy physioxic