phytobiological etymology

English word phytobiological comes from English phyto- (Pertaining to or derived from plants.), English biological

Detailed word origin of phytobiological

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phyto- English (eng) Pertaining to or derived from plants.
biological English (eng) (proscribed, used by non-native speakers) organic (grown without agrochemicals). Of or relating to biology.. Related by consanguinity, especially as to parents and children. (rare) A biological product.
phytobiological English (eng) Of or pertaining to phytobiology.

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Descendants of phyto-
epiflora phytobacterial phytocoenological phytoforensics phytogeography phytoglyphic phytol phytological phytomedicine phytomining phytomolecule phytophage phytophagic phytophagous phytophilous phytoprostane phytosaur phytotechnology phytotherapy
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