phytoforensics etymology

English word phytoforensics comes from English forensics (Forensic science. The study of formal debate; rhetoric.), English phyto- (Pertaining to or derived from plants.)

Detailed word origin of phytoforensics

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forensics English (eng) Forensic science. The study of formal debate; rhetoric.
phyto- English (eng) Pertaining to or derived from plants.
phytoforensics English (eng) The analysis of plants in order to gather information of the pollutants they have been exposed to.

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epiflora phytobacterial phytobiological phytocoenological phytogeography phytoglyphic phytol phytological phytomedicine phytomining phytomolecule phytophage phytophagic phytophagous phytophilous phytoprostane phytosaur phytotechnology phytotherapy