phytolithology etymology

English word phytolithology comes from English lithology, English phyto- (Pertaining to or derived from plants.)

Detailed word origin of phytolithology

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lithology English (eng) The general composition of a rock or rock sequence.. The study of rocks, with particular emphasis on their description and classification.
phyto- English (eng) Pertaining to or derived from plants.
phytolithology English (eng) The science that deals with fossil plants; paleobotany; paleophytology.

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Descendants of lithology
Descendants of phyto-
epiflora phytobacterial phytobiological phytocoenological phytoforensics phytogeography phytoglyphic phytol phytological phytomedicine phytomining phytomolecule phytophage phytophagic phytophagous phytophilous phytoprostane phytosaur phytotechnology phytotherapy