phytophage etymology

English word phytophage comes from English phyto- (Pertaining to or derived from plants.), English -phage (Something that eats, or consumes.)

Detailed word origin of phytophage

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
phyto- English (eng) Pertaining to or derived from plants.
-phage English (eng) Something that eats, or consumes.
phytophage English (eng) (biology) herbivore.

Words with the same origin as phytophage

Descendants of phyto-
epiflora phytobacterial phytobiological phytocoenological phytoforensics phytogeography phytoglyphic phytol phytological phytomedicine phytomining phytomolecule phytophagic phytophagous phytophilous phytoprostane phytosaur phytotechnology phytotherapy
Descendants of -phage
chronophage coliphage geophage hippophage melanophage monophage mycophage myrmecophage necrophage oligophage ostreophage paedophage polyphage saprophagan saprophage siderophage virophage vitellophage xylophage zoophage