pilgrim etymology

English word pilgrim comes from Latin agrum, Latin per-, and later Latin peregre (Foreign (to or from abroad).)

Detailed word origin of pilgrim

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agrum Latin (lat)
per- Latin (lat) Used to form verbs that are intensive or completive, conveying the idea of doing something all the way through or entirely.. Used to make adjectives or verbs that are "very" something.
peregre Latin (lat) Foreign (to or from abroad).
peregrinus Latin (lat) Foreigner; traveler Exotic. Foreign, alien.
pelegrin Old French (fro)
pilegrim Middle English (enm) Pilgrim.
pilgrim English (eng) One who travels, especially on a journey to visit sites of religious significance. (intransitive) To journey; to wander; to ramble.

Words with the same origin as pilgrim

Descendants of agrum
agricultural agriculture pilgrimage
Descendants of per-
experience experienced imperfect inexperienced pardon perceive perception perfect perfection perish perjury perk perky permission permit perpetual persecution persuade persuasion persuasive pierce piercing pursue