pinacocyte etymology

English word pinacocyte comes from English -cyte, English pinacoderm

Detailed word origin of pinacocyte

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-cyte English (eng) Used to form cell names and classifications for mature cells.
pinacoderm English (eng) The outer most layer of cells (pinacocytes) in the phylum Porifera (sponges), equivalent to the epidermis, and characterized as an epithelial layer of flattened cells.
pinacocyte English (eng) (biology) Any of a group of flattened polygonal cells that together make up the pinacoderm in the dermal epithelium of sponges.

Words with the same origin as pinacocyte

Descendants of -cyte
adipocyte cholangiocytic chondrocyte coelomocyte corneocyte degmacyte dendrocyte enterocytic ependymocyte gonocyte hemocyte hepatocyte histiocytic histocyte lactocyte lipocyte lymphocyte lymphocytic macrocyte necrocyte plasmacyte solenocyte tenocyte trophocyte
Descendants of pinacoderm
basipinacocyte endopinacocyte exopinacocyte