plaque etymology

English word plaque comes from Proto-Germanic *plaggą (A patch. A piece of cloth or fabric.)

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*plaggą Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) A patch. A piece of cloth or fabric.
*plagga Old Dutch (odt)
*plakko Old Dutch (odt)
placke Dutch (nld)
plagge Middle Dutch (dum)
placke Middle Dutch (dum)
plecken Middle Dutch (dum)
plaquer Old French (fro)
plaquer Middle French (frm)
plaque French (fra) (Cooking; gas, electric) burner (US), ring (Britain). (casino) chip. (electrics, photography) plate. (geology) plate (especially a tectonic plate). (slang) 10,000 francs. Plaque (bacteria on teeth). Plaque, slab (ornamental). Sheet, plate (of metal). Slab (of marble). Slab, bar (of e.g. chocolate).
plaque English (eng) (biology) A clearing in a bacterial lawn caused by a virus.. (uncountable) An accumulation of biofilm, or bacteria on teeth.. (uncountable, medicine) Atheroma, an accumulation in artery walls made up of macrophage cells and debris containing lipids, (cholesterol and fatty acids), calcium, and connective tissue.. A piece of flat metal with a writing on it, attached to a building to remind [...]

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