pleurodont etymology

English word pleurodont comes from English pleuro- ((medicine) of the pleura. To the side; lateral.), English -odont (-toothed.)

Detailed word origin of pleurodont

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pleuro- English (eng) (medicine) of the pleura. To the side; lateral.
-odont English (eng) -toothed.
pleurodont English (eng) (zoology) Any lizard with teeth of this kind. (zoology) Having the teeth fused (ankylosed) by their sides to the inner surface of the jawbones.

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Descendants of pleuro-
pleurenchyma pleurobranch pleurocarp pleurocentrum pleurodynia pleurolith pleuropedal pleuropericardial pleuroperipneumony pleuroperitoneal pleuroperitoneum pleuropneumonia pleuropulmonary pleurosteon pleurotomy
Descendants of -odont
heterodont macrodont mesodont orthodontics pseudotaxodont taxodont thecodont