pleuropedal etymology

English word pleuropedal comes from English pedal, English pleuro- ((medicine) of the pleura. To the side; lateral.)

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pedal English (eng) To operate a bicycle.. To operate a pedal attached to a wheel in a continuous circular motion. Of or relating to the foot. (equestrian, jocular) A stirrup.. (medicine) a foot or footlike part.. (music) An effects unit, especially one designed to be activated by being stepped on.. (music) The ranks of pipes played from the pedal-board of an organ.. A lever operated by one's foot that is used [...]
pleuro- English (eng) (medicine) of the pleura. To the side; lateral.
pleuropedal English (eng) (anatomy) Both pleural and pedal.

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pleurenchyma pleurobranch pleurocarp pleurocentrum pleurodont pleurodynia pleurolith pleuropericardial pleuroperipneumony pleuroperitoneal pleuroperitoneum pleuropneumonia pleuropulmonary pleurosteon pleurotomy