pleuroperitoneal etymology

English word pleuroperitoneal comes from English peritoneal (Of, relating to, or affecting the peritoneum.), English pleuro- ((medicine) of the pleura. To the side; lateral.)

Detailed word origin of pleuroperitoneal

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peritoneal English (eng) Of, relating to, or affecting the peritoneum.
pleuro- English (eng) (medicine) of the pleura. To the side; lateral.
pleuroperitoneal English (eng) Relating to the pleuroperitoneum.

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Descendants of peritoneal
Descendants of pleuro-
pleurenchyma pleurobranch pleurocarp pleurocentrum pleurodont pleurodynia pleurolith pleuropedal pleuropericardial pleuroperipneumony pleuroperitoneum pleuropneumonia pleuropulmonary pleurosteon pleurotomy