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English word policeman comes from English police, English -man

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police English (eng) (transitive) To enforce the law and keep order among (a group).. (transitive) To patrol or clean up an area.. (transitive, figurative) To enforce norms or standards upon. (now, rare, historical) The regulation of a given community or society; administration, law and order etc. [from 17th c.]. (obsolete) Communal living; civilization. [16th-19th c.]. (obsolete) Policy. [15th-19th c.]. [...]
-man English (eng) In certain cases, someone (implied male) who derives from a particular nationality.. Someone (implied male) who has special characteristics relating to a topic or area.. Someone (implied male) who is an expert in an area.. Someone (implied male) who is employed or holds a position in an area.
policeman English (eng) (chemistry) A glass rod capped at one end with rubber, used in a chemistry laboratory for gravimetric analysis.. A member of a police force, especially one who is male.

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slop sloppy
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bowman businessman cameraman cartman chairman congressman councilman doorman fireman fisherman freeman gunman handyman hangman hitman madman milkman postman salesman sandman seaman snowman watchman wingman