polyangular etymology

English word polyangular comes from English angular, English poly- (Many. Polymer.)

Detailed word origin of polyangular

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angular English (eng) (figuratively) Sharp and stiff in character.. (organic chemistry) Composed of three or more rings attached to a single carbon atom (the rings not all being in the same plane).. Having an angle or angles; forming an angle or corner. Lean, lank.. Measured by an angle; as in, angular distance.. Relating or pertaining to an angle or angles.. Sharp-cornered; pointed.. Ungraceful; lacking grace. [...]
poly- English (eng) Many. Polymer.
polyangular English (eng) Having many angles; polygonal.

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Descendants of angular
Descendants of poly-
polyamorous polyamory polycarbonate polycarpic polydeism polydiverse polyembryo polyester polyethylene polyfoam polygamous polyglandular polygraph polyketide polymer polyneuritis polyphonic polyphony polypropylene polystyrene polysulfone resin polyurethane polyvinyl styrofoam