polyester etymology

English word polyester comes from English poly- (Many. Polymer.), English ester

Detailed word origin of polyester

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poly- English (eng) Many. Polymer.
ester English (eng) (organic compound) A compound most often formed by the condensation of an alcohol and an acid, with elimination of water, which contains the functional group carbon-oxygen double bond joined via carbon to another oxygen atom.
polyester English (eng) A material or fabric made from polyester polymer. Any polymer whose monomers are linked together by ester bonds Of, or consisting of polyesters.

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polyamorous polyamory polyangular polycarbonate polycarpic polydeism polydiverse polyembryo polyethylene polyfoam polygamous polyglandular polygraph polyketide polymer polyneuritis polyphonic polyphony polypropylene polystyrene polysulfone resin polyurethane polyvinyl styrofoam