polygamy etymology

English word polygamy comes from Ancient Greek γάμος, Ancient Greek πλείων

Detailed word origin of polygamy

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γάμος Ancient Greek (grc)
πλείων Ancient Greek (grc)
πολύγαμος Ancient Greek (grc)
πολυγαμία Ancient Greek (grc)
polygamia Late Latin (LL)
polygamy English (eng) (botany) The condition or state of a plant which bears both perfect and unisexual flowers.. (zoology) The state or habit of having more than one sexual mate.. Specifically, polygyny, the marriage of a man to more than one wife, or the practice of having several wives, at the same time.. The condition of having more than one spouse or marriage partner at one time.. The having of multiple [...]

Words with the same origin as polygamy

Descendants of γάμος
-gamy aetheogam aetheogamous agamogenesis agamous bigamous bigamy chasmogamous cryptogam cryptogamic dichogamous gamergate gamete gametic gamo- hologamous homogamous macrogametocyte monogamous oogamous phenogam plig polygamize polygamous
Descendants of πλείων
pleo- pleonasm pleonasmic pleonectic