polymorph etymology

English word polymorph comes from English poly- (Many. Polymer.), English -morph (Morpheme. Shape, form, structure.)

Detailed word origin of polymorph

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poly- English (eng) Many. Polymer.
-morph English (eng) Morpheme. Shape, form, structure.
polymorph English (eng) (biology) Any organism that shows polymorphism.. (chemistry, geology) Any substance or mineral that forms different types of crystal.. (transitive, video games, roguelikes) The transformation of an item or creature into something different by magic. (intransitive) To transform; to change into another form.. (transitive, video games, roguelikes) To transform (an item or creature) into [...]

Words with the same origin as polymorph

Descendants of poly-
polyamorous polyamory polyangular polycarbonate polycarpic polydeism polydiverse polyembryo polyester polyethylene polyfoam polygamous polyglandular polygraph polyketide polymer polyneuritis polyphonic polyphony polypropylene polystyrene polysulfone resin polyurethane polyvinyl styrofoam
Descendants of -morph
allomorphic allotriomorph amorph dimorph ectomorphic endomorph endomorphic gynomorph homoeomorphous hypermorph ichthyomorph karyomorph nematomorph neomorph olenimorph perimorph polymorphic protomorph pseudomorph pseudomorphic rhizomorph trimorph xenomorphous xeromorph