portable etymology

English word portable comes from Latin porto (I carry, bear. I convey, bring.), Latin -abilis (-able; able or worthy to be.)

Detailed word origin of portable

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porto Latin (lat) I carry, bear. I convey, bring.
-abilis Latin (lat) -able; able or worthy to be.
portabilis Latin (lat) Portable, capable of being carried.
portable French (fra) Portable A cell phone. A laptop.
portable English (eng) (computing). (video games) A hand-held video gaming device.. A portable building used for temporary purposes, particularly:. A trailer or other portable structure used for classes at a school. (computing) Of software, able to be run on multiple hardware or operating systems.. Able to be carried or easily moved.

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Descendants of porto
export import important opportunity portfolio sport sporting sports transport
Descendants of -abilis
accountable adorable affair available capability capable defeat enjoyable establish established establishment fair fashionable honorable honourable incapable inevitable predictable profitable reasonable remarkable stability stable valuable