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English word portrait comes from Latin traho, Old French purtraire (To portray (represent using images, words, etc.).)

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traho Latin (lat) (by extension) I attract the support of, win over.. (figuratively) I attract, draw (someone; their attention). I drag.. I draw out, prolong.. I extract, withdraw.. I plunder, squander.. I trail.
purtraire Old French (fro) To portray (represent using images, words, etc.).
protraho Latin (lat) I bring to light, discover, disclose, reveal, expose, betray.. I drag, pull, draw or bring forth or out (to a place).. I extend, increase.. I lengthen out something as to time; prolong, protract, defer.
portraire Middle French (frm) To portray (represent with images, words, etc.).
pourtraict Middle French (frm)
portrait English (eng) (computing, printing) A print orientation where the vertical sides are longer than the horizontal sides.. (figuratively) An accurate depiction of a person, a mood, etc.. A painting or other picture of a person, especially the head and shoulders. (obsolete) To portray; to draw. Representing the actual features of an individual; not ideal.

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abstract attract contract contractor distract distraction extract extraction number numerous retract retreat trace traced tract traction tractor train trainee training trait treat treatment treaty