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English word possess comes from Latin assidere, Latin potis (Able, capable, possible.).

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assidere Latin (lat)
potis Latin (lat) Able, capable, possible.
possideo Latin (lat) I have, hold, own, possess.. I occupy, inhabit, abide.. I possess lands, have possessions.. I take control or possession of, seize, occupy.
possessus Latin (lat)
possesser Middle French (frm) To possess.
possess English (eng) (transitive) To have; to have ownership of.. (transitive) To take control of someone's body or mind, especially in a supernatural manner.. (transitive, dated, chiefly, with of) To vest ownership in (someone); to give someone power or knowledge; to acquaint; to inform.

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firepower horsepower impossible impotent manpower poison poisonous possession possibility possible potent potential potion power powerful powering powerless willpower