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English word possession comes from Latin assidere, Latin potis (Able, capable, possible.).

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assidere Latin (lat)
potis Latin (lat) Able, capable, possible.
possideo Latin (lat) I have, hold, own, possess.. I occupy, inhabit, abide.. I possess lands, have possessions.. I take control or possession of, seize, occupy.
possessio Latin (lat) That which is possessed; a possession, property.. The act of holding; possession, occupation, control, occupancy.. The act of taking possession of, seizing, occupying, taking.
possession English (eng) (linguistics) A syntactic relationship between two nouns or nominals that may be used to indicate ownership.. (sports) Control of the ball; the opportunity to be on the offensive.. A territory under the rule of another country.. Control or occupancy of something for which one does not necessarily have private property rights.. Ownership; taking, holding, keeping something as one's own.. [...]

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firepower horsepower impossible impotent manpower poison poisonous possess possibility possible potent potential potion power powerful powering powerless willpower