possible etymology

English word possible comes from Latin sum ((copulative) I am, exist, have (with dative).), Latin -ius, Proto-Indo-European *pótis (Husband. Master, ruler.)

Detailed word origin of possible

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sum Latin (lat) (copulative) I am, exist, have (with dative).
-ius Latin (lat) Genitive suffix for some irregular pronouns. Forming adjectives from nouns.
*pótis Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) Husband. Master, ruler.
*potis Proto-Italic (itc-pro)
potis Latin (lat) Able, capable, possible.
possum Latin (lat) I am able, can.
possibilis Latin (lat) Possible, that may exist, that may be done.
possible English (eng) (colloquial, rare) A possible choice, notably someone being considered for a position.. (rare) A particular event that may happen.. A possible one. (comparable) Capable of being done or achieved; feasible.. (usually, not comparable) Able but not certain to happen; neither inevitable nor impossible.. Apparently valid, likely, plausible.. Being considered, e.g. for a position.

Words with the same origin as possible

Descendants of sum
absence absent entity essence essential impossible impotent improve improvement improving manpower possibility potential power powerful powerless presence present presentation represent representation sense senseless sensor
Descendants of -ius
battery college conscience council custody desire evidence force office officer official provide quality review robbery television territory trace union unit vice video view vision visit
Descendants of *pótis
firepower horsepower hospice hospital hospitality host hostage hostel hostess hotel lighting motel possess possession potent powering