potashery etymology

English word potashery comes from English -ery, English potash

Detailed word origin of potashery

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-ery English (eng) Art, craft or practice. Characteristic of. Class or group, collection of. Organisation or movement. Place of art, craft or practice.
potash English (eng) (chemistry) an impure form of potassium carbonate (K2CO3) mixed with other potassium salts. (chemistry, archaic) in the names of compounds of the form "... of potash", potassium (for example, "permanganate of potash" = potassium permanganate). The water-soluble part of the ash formed by burning plant material; used for making soap, glass and as a fertilizer.
potashery English (eng) A place where potash is manufactured.

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bakery bribery buffoonery butchery cannery confectionery cookery crockery dairy debauchery distillery drudgery eatery fishery greenery gunnery hatchery midwifery refinery slavery snobbery thievery tom tomfoolery witchery