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English word potassium permanganate comes from English permanganate, English potassium

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permanganate English (eng) (inorganic chemistry) any salt of permanganic acid: they are purple crystalline solids, mostly soluble in water, and are strong oxidizing agents. (inorganic chemistry) potassium permanganate.
potassium English (eng) (countable) A single atom of this element.. A soft, waxy, silvery reactive metal that is never found unbound in nature; an element (symbol K) with an atomic number of 19 and atomic weight of 39.0983. The symbol is derived from the Latin kalium.
potassium permanganate English (eng) (chemistry) KMnO4, the most readily available commercial permanganate; it is used as an oxidizing agent both in industry and in the analytical laboratory.

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potassamide potassic