precise etymology

English word precise comes from Latin caedo, Latin prae (Because of. Before. In front of Before. In front.)

Detailed word origin of precise

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caedo Latin (lat) Cut, hew, fell.. Defeat decisively (defeat with heavy losses to the enemy side).. Kill.. Strike, beat.
prae Latin (lat) Because of. Before. In front of Before. In front.
praecido Latin (lat) (nautical) I cut off or across, avoid, sail straight.. (of discourse) I cut short, abridge; I am brief; break off or finish abruptly.. I beat to pieces, batter, smash.. I break off, cut off, end, destroy.. I cut off in front or through; shorten; sever, separate.. I deny flatly, refuse, decline.
praecisionis Latin (lat)
précis Middle French (frm)
precise English (eng) (sciences) Of experimental results, consistent, clustered close together, agreeing with each other. This does not mean that they cluster near the true, correct, or accurate value.. Exact, accurate. (used by non-native speakers or in jargons, transitive) To make or render precise.

Words with the same origin as precise

Descendants of caedo
accident accidental celeste celestial cement coincidence decay decide decision incident occasion occasional scissors
Descendants of prae
depending preacher precinct predict prefer preliminary preparation prepare preserve president presume pretend prevent previous price prime prison prisoner prize rendezvous rent rental surprise surrender