pressurise etymology

English word pressurise comes from English pressure, English -ise

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pressure English (eng) (transitive) To encourage or heavily exert force or influence. (obsolete) Impression; stamp; character impressed.. (physics) The amount of force that is applied over a given area divided by the size of this area.. A contrasting force or impulse of any kind. A pressing; a force applied to a surface.. Distress.. Urgency.
-ise English (eng) Used in certain words; see the usage notes. Suffix used in loanwords from French to form abstract nouns of quality or function.
pressurise English (eng)

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Descendants of pressure
pressurisation pressurization pressurize pressuron
Descendants of -ise
annalise apologist authorise categorise characterise familiarise fertilise finalise industrialisation legalise magnetisation materialise moisturiser nationalisation privatisation publicise revitalise revolutionise socialise summarise terrorise vandalism vaporise visualise