pretentious etymology

English word pretentious comes from Latin tendere, Latin prae- (Before; in front. In charge.)

Detailed word origin of pretentious

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
tendere Latin (lat)
prae- Latin (lat) Before; in front. In charge.
praetendere Latin (lat)
praetensus Latin (lat)
prétention French (fra) (in the plural, prétentions) asking wage. Claim. Pretension. Pretentious person. Pretentiousness.
prétentieux French (fra) Pretentious.
pretentious English (eng) Intended to impress others; ostentatious.. Marked by an unwarranted claim to importance or distinction.

Words with the same origin as pretentious

Descendants of tendere
attend attendance attention attentive bartender intend intense intensive tend tendency tender tent
Descendants of prae-
depending preach preacher precise precision predict predictable prefer prepare president presumably presume pretend prevent previous price prison prisoner prize rendezvous rent rental surprise surrender vicar