proctocracy etymology

English word proctocracy comes from English -cracy (Rule.), English procto- (Dealing with the colon, rectum and anus.)

Detailed word origin of proctocracy

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-cracy English (eng) Rule.
procto- English (eng) Dealing with the colon, rectum and anus.
proctocracy English (eng) (humorous, _, neologism, rare) Government or management by “arseholes” (i.e., inconsiderate, obnoxious, or otherwise highly objectionable people).

Words with the same origin as proctocracy

Descendants of -cracy
Descendants of procto-
proctalgia proctectomy proctitis proctocele proctocolectomy proctocolitis proctography proctology proctoscope proctosigmoidoscopy proctosurgery proctosurgical proctotomy