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English word product comes from Latin duco (I draw, pull. I lead, guide. I prolong. I think, consider.), Latin pro, Latin pro-

Detailed word origin of product

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duco Latin (lat) I draw, pull. I lead, guide. I prolong. I think, consider.
pro Latin (lat) About. According to. As befitting. As, like. Before. For. In front, instead of. On behalf of.
pro- Latin (lat) (prefixed to verbs of utterance) in place of, on behalf of. (temporally) prior, fore-. Action directed forward or in front. Advantage. Bringing into being, forth, or into the open. Downward and forward movement. Forward direction, forward movement. Prominence.
produco Latin (lat) (figuratively) I bring into use, make, invent devise, produce.. (figuratively) I draw or drag out, lengthen out, prolong, protract.. (figuratively) I lead or induce someone to do something, entice.. (figuratively) I plant, cultivate.. (figuratively) I raise, promote, advance.. (figuratively, of time) I pass, spend.. (grammar, of pronunciation) I lengthen, prolong.. I advance, draw out.. I [...]
produire French (fra) (reflexive) to happen, take place (of an event). (reflexive) to perform (of a singer, etc.). (transitive) to produce, to yield.
produire Middle French (ca. 1400-1600) (frm) To produce; to yield; to give.
productus Latin (lat)
product English (eng) (US, slang) Illegal drugs, especially cocaine, when viewed as a commodity.. (chemistry) A chemical substance formed as a result of a chemical reaction.. (cosmetics, uncountable) Any preparation to be applied to the hair, skin, nails, etc.. (countable, uncountable) A commodity offered for sale.. (mathematics) Any operation or a result thereof which generalises multiplication of numbers, like [...]

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Descendants of duco
abduction conduct conductor conduit deduction douche duct duke educate educated education educational induce intro introduce introduction produce production productive reduce reduction reproduction seduce seduction
Descendants of pro
purchase pure purpose
Descendants of pro-
pro procedure proceed process profession professional professor profit progress project promotion proposal propose prosecution prosecutor protect protection protective provide pursue young youth