propanol etymology

English word propanol comes from English prop-, English -ol ((organic chemistry) An alcohol or phenol.)

Detailed word origin of propanol

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prop- English (eng) (organic chemistry) Used as a combining form to denote the presence of 3 carbon atoms in the parent chain when forming names of organic compounds.
-ol English (eng) (organic chemistry) An alcohol or phenol.
propanol English (eng) (organic compound) Either of two isomeric aliphatic alcohols, C3H7-OH. 1-propanol, n-propanol, propyl alcohol, propan-1-ol, n-propyl alcohol or 1-propyl alcohol - CH3CH2CH2OH. Isopropanol, isopropyl alcohol or propan-2-ol - (CH3)2CH-OH.

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Descendants of prop-
hydroxypropylmethylcellulose isopropylacetone isopropylamide isopropylamphetamine isopropylcholestane prajmaline propane propidene propyl triisopropyl
Descendants of -ol
cortisol diol enolate enolization ethanol glycol gossypol guaiacol inositide linalool mannitol menthol methanol pentanediol phenol phosphatidylethanolamine phytol pinanediol pyrogallol retinyl roid sterol thiol toluol