prosecution etymology

English word prosecution comes from Latin sequor ((with accusative) I follow, come or go after.), Latin pro-

Detailed word origin of prosecution

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sequor Latin (lat) (with accusative) I follow, come or go after.
pro- Latin (lat) (prefixed to verbs of utterance) in place of, on behalf of. (temporally) prior, fore-. Action directed forward or in front. Advantage. Bringing into being, forth, or into the open. Downward and forward movement. Forward direction, forward movement. Prominence.
prosequi Latin (lat)
prosecutio Late Latin (LL)
prosecution Middle French (frm)
prosecution English (eng) (legal) The institution of legal proceedings (particularly criminal) against a person.. (legal) The prosecuting party.. The act of prosecuting a scheme or endeavor.

Words with the same origin as prosecution

Descendants of sequor
consequence et execute execution persecution prosecute prosecutor pursue sec second secondary sector sequel sequence stop subsequent sup
Descendants of pro-
pro procedure proceed process produce product production profession professional professor profit progress project promotion proposal propose protect protection protective provide young youth