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English word protocanonical comes from English canonical, English proto-

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canonical English (eng) (Roman Catholicism) The formal robes of a priest (mathematics) Distinguished among entities of its kind, so that it can be picked out in a way that does not depend on any arbitrary choices.. (mathematics, computing) In canonical form.. (music) In the form of a canon.. (religion) In conformity with canon law.. (religion) Of or pertaining to an ecclesiastical chapter. According to recognised [...]
proto- English (eng) (chemistry) Relating to protons and/or positive charge.. (linguistics, genetics) most recent common ancestor (often hypothetical) of. First.
protocanonical English (eng) Describing the first (authorized) canon of books of scripture.

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Proto-Albanian Proto-Austric Proto-Semitic protagon proto protoaspidistrin protobulge protocerebral protochlorophyllide protocorm protoculture protodeacon protofeminist protoflexus protogalaxy protogenic protometal protomodernism protooncogenic protoscience protosolar protosun prototype protowriting