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English word protocerebral comes from English cerebral, English proto-

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cerebral English (eng) (anatomy, medicine) Of, or relating to the brain or cerebral cortex of the brain.. (linguistics, obsolete) Retroflex.. Intellectual rather than emotional.
proto- English (eng) (chemistry) Relating to protons and/or positive charge.. (linguistics, genetics) most recent common ancestor (often hypothetical) of. First.
protocerebral English (eng) Relating to the protocerebrum.

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Proto-Albanian Proto-Austric Proto-Semitic protagon proto protoaspidistrin protobulge protocanonical protochlorophyllide protocorm protoculture protodeacon protofeminist protoflexus protogalaxy protogenic protometal protomodernism protooncogenic protoscience protosolar protosun prototype protowriting