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English word prototype comes from English proto-, English -type

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proto- English (eng) (chemistry) Relating to protons and/or positive charge.. (linguistics, genetics) most recent common ancestor (often hypothetical) of. First.
-type English (eng) (biology) Used to form words referring to groups of organisms characterized by the presence of a specific feature. Impressed form; stamp; print. Typical form.
prototype English (eng) To create a prototype of. (computing) A declaration of a function that specifies the name, return type, and parameters but none of the body, or actual code.. (semantics) An instance of a category or a concept that combines its most representative attributes.. An early sample or model built to test a concept or process. An original object or form which is a basis for other objects, forms, or [...]

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Proto-Albanian Proto-Austric Proto-Semitic protagon proto protoaspidistrin protobulge protocanonical protocerebral protochlorophyllide protocorm protoculture protodeacon protofeminist protoflexus protogalaxy protogenic protometal protomodernism protooncogenic protoscience protosolar protosun protowriting