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English word provide comes from Latin video

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video Latin (lat) (passive) I am regarded, seem, appear. (passive, used impersonally) It seems proper or right. I look (at), consider, reflect (upon). I look out for, see to, care for, provide, make sure. I observe, note. I see, perceive; look (at). I understand, perceive, comprehend.
provideo Latin (lat) I am cautious; I act with foresight. I foresee. I look after, care for. I provide, see to.
provide English (eng) (obsolete, Latinism) To foresee.. To act to prepare for something.. To appoint to an ecclesiastical benefice before it is vacant. See provisor.. To establish as a previous condition; to stipulate.. To furnish (with), cause to be present.. To give what is needed or desired, especially basic needs.. To make a living; earn money for necessities.. To make possible or attainable.

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advise advisor envious envy evidence luxurious luxury preview providence review supervise supervisor survey television verdict vice view viewing visible vision visit visitor vista visual