provocation etymology

English word provocation comes from Latin voco

Detailed word origin of provocation

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voco Latin (lat) (transitive) I call, summon, beckon (with one's voice).. (transitive) I name, designate. (transitive, by extension) I invoke, call upon (a person, especially a god). (transitive, by extension) I summon, convene, call together.. I bring or put (into a state or condition).
provocare Latin (lat)
provocatio Late Latin (LL)
provocacion Old French (fro)
provocation English (eng) (emergency medicine) The second step in OPQRST regarding the investigation of what makes the symptoms MOI or NOI improve or deteriorate.. Something that provokes; a provocative act. The act of provoking, inciting or annoying someone into doing something.

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advocate invoke provocative provoke vocabulary vocal vocation voice vouch