pseudomorph etymology

English word pseudomorph comes from English pseudo- (False, not genuine, fake.), English -morph (Morpheme. Shape, form, structure.)

Detailed word origin of pseudomorph

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pseudo- English (eng) False, not genuine, fake.
-morph English (eng) Morpheme. Shape, form, structure.
pseudomorph English (eng) (geology, mineralogy) A mineral that formed by replacement of an existing mineral (or organic matter) such that the new mineral has the appearance and dimensions of the original.. A deceptive, irregular, or false form; specifically:.

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Descendants of pseudo-
polypseudorotaxane pseudo pseudoallergic pseudobranchial pseudocompact pseudoconcave pseudoconvex pseudodementia pseudodiffusion pseudodiscipline pseudoenvironmentalist pseudofruit pseudogenome pseudoholomorphic pseudohyponatremia pseudolithiasis pseudomerohedry pseudomusical pseudoradical pseudoresponse pseudoreversible pseudoriparian pseudoseasonal pseudowire pseudoxanthoma
Descendants of -morph
allomorphic allotriomorph amorph dimorph ectomorphic endomorph endomorphic gynomorph homoeomorphous hypermorph ichthyomorph karyomorph nematomorph neomorph olenimorph perimorph polymorph polymorphic protomorph pseudomorphic rhizomorph trimorph xenomorphous xeromorph