pseudoscope etymology

English word pseudoscope comes from English pseudo- (based on an Ancient Greek root, it means false, not genuine, fake), English -scope (based on another Ancient Greek root meaning "look at", it is used for instruments of examination or viewing)

Detailed word origin of pseudoscope

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pseudo- English (eng) False, not genuine, fake.
-scope English (eng) Used to make terms denoting an instrument used for viewing or examination.
pseudoscope English (eng) (optics) An optical instrument that reverses perception of depth.

Words with the same origin as pseudoscope

Descendants of pseudo-
polypseudorotaxane pseudo pseudoallergic pseudobranchial pseudocompact pseudoconcave pseudoconvex pseudodementia pseudodiffusion pseudodiscipline pseudoenvironmentalist pseudofruit pseudogenome pseudoholomorphic pseudohyponatremia pseudolithiasis pseudomerohedry pseudomusical pseudoradical pseudoresponse pseudoreversible pseudoriparian pseudoseasonal pseudowire pseudoxanthoma
Descendants of -scope
Teslascope angioscope antroscope bioscope chromascope cymoscope embryoscope endoscope finderscope fluoroscopically hydroscope hypnoscope kaleidoscope laryngoscope leucoscope nightscope oscilloscope periscope pharyngoscope polemoscope spectroscope spectroscopic binary spiroscope thermoscopic