psycholatry etymology

English word psycholatry comes from English -latry (Worship of.), English psycho-

Detailed word origin of psycholatry

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-latry English (eng) Worship of.
psycho- English (eng) Forms terms relating to the soul, the mind, or to psychology.
psycholatry English (eng) (religion) The worship of departed souls.

Words with the same origin as psycholatry

Descendants of -latry
angelolatry autolatry bibliolatrist bibliolatry chronolatry cosmolatry demolatry epeolatry gynolatry heliolatry hierolatry hoplolatry ideolatry idiolatry logolatry mechanolatry necrolatry numerolatry phytolatry plutolatry pyrolatry thanatolatry theriolatry zoolatry
Descendants of psycho-
psychoactive psychoanalyst psychoanalytic psychoanalyze psychobabble psychobiotic psychocutaneous psychodrama psychogalvanometry psychogenic psychogeography psychokinesis psychokinetic psychometry psychon psychonic psychopath psychosemantic psychosexual psychosis psychosomatic psychosynthetic psychotherapy psychothriller psychotypological