psychosemantic etymology

English word psychosemantic comes from English semantic, English psycho-

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semantic English (eng) (slang, of a detail or distinction) Petty or trivial; (of a person or statement) quibbling, niggling.. (software design, of code) Reflecting intended structure and meaning.. Of or relating to semantics or the meanings of words. [from late 19th c.].
psycho- English (eng) Forms terms relating to the soul, the mind, or to psychology.
psychosemantic English (eng) Relating to psychosemantics.

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Descendants of semantic
semagram semanteme
Descendants of psycho-
psychoactive psychoanalyst psychoanalytic psychoanalyze psychobabble psychobiotic psychocutaneous psychodrama psychogalvanometry psychogenic psychogeography psychokinesis psychokinetic psychometry psychon psychonic psychopath psychosexual psychosis psychosomatic psychosynthetic psychotherapy psychothriller psychotypological