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English word psychosexual comes from English sexual, English psycho-

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sexual English (eng) Of or relating to gender.. Of or relating to having sex, sexual acts and sexual reproduction.. Of or relating to sexual orientations, sexual identity or preferences with respect to sexual intercourse. Of or relating to sexuality; not asexual. (LGBT) A person who experiences sexual attraction, a person who has interest in or desire for sex (especially as contrasted with an asexual).. [...]
psycho- English (eng) Forms terms relating to the soul, the mind, or to psychology.
psychosexual English (eng) Of or relating to the psychological aspect or aspects of sexuality.

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psychoactive psychoanalyst psychoanalytic psychoanalyze psychobabble psychobiotic psychocutaneous psychodrama psychogalvanometry psychogenic psychogeography psychokinesis psychokinetic psychometry psychon psychonic psychopath psychosemantic psychosis psychosomatic psychosynthetic psychotherapy psychothriller psychotypological