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English word pyridinium comes from English pyridine, English -ium

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pyridine English (eng) (organic compound) Any of a class of aromatic heterocyclic compounds containing a ring of five carbon atoms and an nitrogen atom; especially the simplest one, C5H5N.
-ium English (eng) (by extension, humorous) Appended to common words to create scientific-sounding or humorous-sounding fictional substance names.. (chemistry) Used to form the names of metal elements, after the style of early-named elements, as well as the isotopes of hydrogen.. (chemistry) Used to form the temporary systematic element name of a metallic or nonmetallic element which is postulated to exist, or [...]
pyridinium English (eng) (countable) An individual pyridinium cation.. (uncountable) The cationic form of pyridine.

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omeprazole pyridinic pyridinyl pyridyl
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potassium radioactive titanic