pyrimidinone etymology

English word pyrimidinone comes from English -one, English pyrimidine

Detailed word origin of pyrimidinone

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-one English (eng) A ketone. Any similar compound containing a carbonyl functional group.
pyrimidine English (eng) (organic compound) A diazine in which the two nitrogen atoms are in the meta- positions; it is the basis of three of the bases found in DNA and RNA: thymine, uracil and cytosine.
pyrimidinone English (eng) (organic compound) Any of several heterocyclic ketones derived from pyrimidine.

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Descendants of -one
azepinone dihydrocodeinone dioxanone hexanone imidazolidinone jasmone landomycinone marinone megaphone melianone methanone orthoquinone periplanone puupehenone pyrrolidinone pyrrolone quinizarin quinolinone quinolone silicone stearone tetrone thienone thione thujone
Descendants of pyrimidine
depyrimidination pyrimidinic