pyrogallol etymology

English word pyrogallol comes from English pyro- ((chemistry) orthoacid.. Fever.. Fire, heat.), English -ol, English gallic acid

Detailed word origin of pyrogallol

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pyro- English (eng) (chemistry) orthoacid.. Fever.. Fire, heat.
-ol English (eng) (organic chemistry) An alcohol or phenol. Indicating an oily substance.
gallic acid English (eng) (chemistry) a phenolic carboxylic acid, 3,4,5-trihydroxybenzoic acid, found in galls, tea, the bark of some trees etc; a constituent of tannin. (chemistry) the supposed acid H3GaO3, the acid form of the amphoteric gallium hydroxide Ga(OH)3, known only as alkali metal salts.
pyrogallol English (eng) (organic compound) A poisonous trihydroxy phenol, 1,2,3-trihydroxybenzene, C6H3(OH)3, used is a photographic developer.

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Descendants of pyro-
MDPV pyro pyroacetic ether pyroantimonic pyrobitumen pyrocatechol pyrocitric pyroconversion pyrodiversity pyrogallic pyrography pyrolytic pyrolytically pyromagnetic pyromaniac pyromellitic pyrometallurgical pyrometry pyrophile pyrophobe pyrotechnical pyrotherapeutic pyrovalerone pyroxene pyroxylic
Descendants of -ol
aldol androstanol anethole archaeol caldarchaeol cannabidiol carotenol catecholamine catecholate diol dodecanol fucusol gingerol glycol hypergolically ichthyol lanolin laurinol lonchocarpol menthol mesitylol methanol neomenthol pratol sesamol