quark etymology

English word quark comes from Proto-Slavic *-ogъ, Proto-Slavic *tvorъ, Proto-Slavic *tvьrdъ (Hard, firm, solid.), Proto-Slavic *tvrьdъ

Detailed word origin of quark

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
*-ogъ Proto-Slavic (sla-pro)
*tvorъ Proto-Slavic (sla-pro)
*tvьrdъ Proto-Slavic (sla-pro) Hard, firm, solid.
*tvrьdъ Proto-Slavic (sla-pro)
тврьдъ Church Slavic (chu) Firm.
*tvarogъ Proto-Slavic (sla-pro) Quark (soft creamy cheese).
twarc Middle High German (gmh)
Quark German (deu) A quark (particle) (informal) rubbish, nonsense, baloney. Quark (cheese).
quark English (eng) A soft creamy cheese, eaten throughout northern, central, and eastern Europe, very similar to cottage cheese except that it is usually not made with rennet.

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Descendants of *-ogъ
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