quarrelsome etymology

English word quarrelsome comes from English -some, English quarrel

Detailed word origin of quarrelsome

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-some English (eng) Characterized by some specific condition or quality. Used to form a word indicating a group with a certain small number of members A body A chromosome.
quarrel English (eng) A diamond-shaped piece of coloured glass forming part of a stained glass window.. A four-sided cutting tool or chisel with a diamond-shaped end.. A small opening in window tracery, of which the cusps etc. make the form nearly square.. A square tile; quarry tile.. A square-headed arrow for a crossbow. (intransitive) To contend, argue fiercely, squabble.. (intransitive) To disagree.. [...]
quarrelsome English (eng) Argumentative; fond of or prone to quarreling.

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Descendants of -some
awesome awesomely awesomeness bothersome burdensome clawsome cumbersome dumb sauce fearsome floatsome foursome leafsome lifesome lonesome meddlesome ogglesome oxysome pitysome selfsome tiresome troublesome wandersome wearisome worrisome
Descendants of quarrel
carrel quarry rixatrix