queer etymology

English word queer comes from Proto-Indo-European *terkʷ-, and later Proto-Germanic *þwerhaz (Cross, adverse.)

Detailed word origin of queer

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*terkʷ- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) to turn
*þwerhaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Cross, adverse.
thwerh Old Saxon (osx) Bent, crooked. Contrary, against.
queer Middle Low German (gml)
queer English (eng) (UK, dialect, dated) To puzzle.. (slang, dated) To ridicule; to banter; to rally.. (slang, dated) To spoil the effect or success of, as by ridicule; to throw a wet blanket on; to spoil.. (social science) To reevaluate or reinterpret (a work) with an eye to sexual orientation and/or to gender, as by applying queer theory.. (transitive) To render an endeavor or agreement ineffective or null. [...]

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Descendants of *terkʷ-
ace bi distortion extortion gay ginger hay intricate intrigue jay lesbian questioning ray tart torch torment torture trans way yay